Welcome to the Ranks Section! These is where you get to know the Ranks

These Troops are owned by [EliteMK3 (Leader)]

Rank 1

Known as AAPN Cadet


Weakest Rank of all, and is a Starter Rank.

Very weak, Also very basic, This is how you start out in the AAPN, But dont understimate this Rank.

Recomended Lvl - 5


Paintball mask (No Mouth cover), Long Coat

Rank 2

Known as AAPN Agent


Better than the Cadet Rank.

Better than AAPN Cadet, you'd be Happy to escape the AAPN Cadet Rank.

Recomended Lvl - 9-10


Bi-Teches, Armored Suit

Rank 2.1

Known as AAPN Elite Agent


Yeah, GO3LM Scalp

Really Tough, Yeah i know, You cant buy one if you arent a High level, Whats Awesome about this rank is that you can dodge stuff.

Recomended Lvl - 20-30

Recomended -  $8320 (madness - Project nexus currency), Lots of Endurance.


Uni-Visor, GO3LM Scalp, Skimask, Armored Suit.

Rank 3

Known as AAPN Engineer


Tough Lil guy, isnt he?

Engineering Rocks, Wanna know why?, with this Rank you can command Squids of Agents. [Cadets not included]

Recomended Lvl - 31-49


GO3LM Scalp, Paintball mask (No Mouth cover), Robo Guard, GO3LM Scraps

Rank 4

Known as AAPN Soldat


Isnt much but hey, it looks cool.

Stuff aint that Expensive, But the Level is Expensive, Command Engineers and Agents.

Recomended Lvl - 40-61

Recomended - Lots of Agility and Dexterity Required.


Uni-Visor, Uitility Vest.

Rank 5

Known as the AAPN Juggernaut


Now that, Is a Bloody Domination!

Boom, Boom, Boom all ya want mate, Cause this is gonna stop ya! [Leader's Bodyguards]

Recomended Lvl - 50+

Recomended - Lots of money, and lots of endurance.


GO3LM Scraps, Paintball mask, Skimask, RoboHelm